Snoop Dogg Spotting at a Tumwater Head shop?


The American rapper and actor Snoop Dogg, tickled many fans when he went up to “Jane whose house was Made of Grass” on Friday, October 28th, in Tumwater Washington. His appearance was for a promotion that was known as ‘Shop with Snoop’. His stop came earlier before a concert that took part later that Friday at White River Amphitheatre as part of summer road visit with Wiz Khalifa and a fellow rapper. Around forty tickets were bought for the private VIP shopping experience. The rapper danced and paused for photos for about thirty minutes inside the store, while he was smoking a blunt in the meantime. Snoop later arrived after stopping at Jane’s house in one giant bus.

As he was leaving, he said to the Olympian that his go to weed straight is the Khalifa Kush. Mary Jane the store owner told the Olympian that Snoop was the nicest human that she had ever met. She likened him to the next generation Tommy Chong(a notable American who was prosecuted for transporting glass pipes over state lines). The pipe shop is located across the parking lot from Bud Commander, which is Tumwater’s only recreational marijuana dispensary. A Moore Hemp Company clothing store had recently been opened next door by Ruth and David Moore as well.

On Friday afternoon there was a prior party in the parking lot beneath a banner that was reading Cannabis Culture Corner. Tom Oliva was the city councilman among those that attended the rapper’s visit. Oliva was sure to take the time to mention that his city was very prominent in Washington cannabis industry. Interestingly, Tumwater is actually the biggest cannabis producer in the entire state. The cannabis industry has created around 2250 jobs in Tumwater, Oliva said.

He said that the cannabis industry had made quite a huge impact in the society. He later presented a ginger artisan Brew Fest T-shirt to Snoop before getting his picture taken.
He also concluded that you “can’t even get a warehouse in Tumwater anymore”. This was a pretty unusual little event if you ask me. It’s not every day that Snoop Dogg suddenly shows up at a random head shop in Washington.

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