Meet ‘The Flying Squirrel’ – An Incredibly Talented 7yr Old Surfing Girl

Surfing has always a very popular activity in Australia. Plenty of Australians have a go at surfing at some point in their life, however few ever get the chance to ride waves like Quincy Symonds, or “The flying squirrel” as she’s become known as. Quincy is only 7 years old and she won her first tournament at the age of four years old. Quincy is so good that she puts even some hardened surf veterans to shame.

Quincy is not only a surfer, but she’s also an amazing skateboarder as well. Quincy started skating during a period when waves were becoming very big and her parents thought it’d be too dangerous for her to surf them at her age. quincy symonds

Quincy’s parents are often criticized for allowing her to participate in these more extreme sports at her age, but after seeing her on a surfboard they soon change their minds and are in shock at how talented she is. Watching Quincy surf really makes the sport look so fun and liberating, and makes you wonder why surfing isn’t more popular in other locations. If you want to give it a go there’s a places online where you can grab cheap surfboards to get you started, and see what it’s all about. Quincy is living proof that you can really do anything you set your mind to, no matter your age or situation!