Why Porn is Destructive, and how we can Stop Using it.


For many men and women alike, watching internet porn is becoming a need that they have to fulfill on a daily basis. Due to the internet becoming a daily part of almost everyone’s life, porn is something that’s very hard to avoid, and simply browsing the internet can trigger the desire to watch it. This is becoming a problem because watching porn every day can destroy the normal sexual function of both your body and your brain. So I guess the question is, how can you quit porn? Well quitting porn can be quite easy, or extremely hard depending on how much porn an individual watches, and how long they’ve been watching it.

Here are some Fun and positive activities to help with quitting porn

Most people have no idea where to begin, when considering how to quit porn.The first activity that you can try is to limit the time you spend online. Most people simply can’t stop watching porn because they don’t want to limit their online activity. However, once you can limit your access to porn(or even the internet entirely) you can easily distract yourself from even thinking about it to begin with. For example, instead of browsing facebook, youtube, or anything that can trigger porn use, instead hang out with your friends, read a book, or excercise.

What Causes Porn addiction to begin with?

The cause of porn and masturbation is quite obvious, it makes us feel good! The problem is that the feeling we get form it is just like the feeling from street drugs. It makes us feel good temporarily, only to leave us sad and depressed later on. Many times porn addiction stems from simply being bored. If this is the case, it may be time to develop a new passion or hobby to replace it. If you like music you can ask your friends to jam with you and make some beautiful music. If you’re into business, why not start a new side business to focus your energy on?
The important thing to remember is that watching porn and masturbation can certainly be okay if it’s done in moderation, but if it’s a major part of your life then it’s probably time for a change.

The story of how the Drug Daraprim instantly Went From $13.50 to $750 Per Tablet

The drug known as as Daraprim is a pretty standard medicine, that up until recently was used for many years at a pretty affordable price. It’s primarily used as an effective treatment of Acute Malaria. Malaria is an infectious disease carried by Mosquitos, and it affects both humans and animals. It’s minor symptoms include headaches, fever, fatigue, and vomiting. However, Take note that Malaria can also cause very major symptoms such as coma, seizures, or even death.

Recently the entire medicinal field was shocked to learn that the price of Daraprim experienced a very dramatic increase overnight. Almost every hospital used this drug in treating Malaria-infected patients, but, due to the dramatic change of price, patients will need to spend way more to get this necessary treatment. This will be very sad news for many lower-income patients who need the drug, and probably won’t be able to pay for it after the huge price shift.


The drug’s chemical name is Pyrimethamine, and it is mainly manufactured by Turing Pharmaceuticals.Each professional gave various reasons for this immediate increase of the shocking change of price. However, this price changes affects only the patients, because it will basically force hospitals to use either this very expensive drug, or cheaper alternative therapies. The problem is that there are currently no other treatments that even come close to treating Malaria as effectively as Daraprim does.

Shortly after the price increase, many public hospitals announced that they would be removing Daraprim from their regular stock. The whole phenomenon has been a huge wake up call to the medical industry, and it will serve as yet another reminder of the age-old controversy surrounding the legality of dramatic drug price changes.

Will we ever find the cancer cure?

Will we find a cure for cancer

Curing cancer has clearly been a popular topic for thousands of years. From what we know, cancer dates back as far as 3000 BC and was first discovered in Egypt. Here we are so many years later and despite all the advanced technologies, and advances in the medical industry we still do not have a clue as to how we can cure this horrible type of disease.

In order to understand why coming up with a cure is so difficult, it’s important to understand what cancer actually is. Well, cancer describes a condition when the cells in our body start to mutate and grow uncontrollably in stead of properly dividing in an orderly way as they normally do. We’re not quite sure what “causes” this to happen but we have found links to cancer growth such as eating certain unhealthy foods. The earliest sign or symptom of possible cancer growth can show up in the form of tumors. Not all forms of cancer will cause tumor growth but many of them do. It’s important that if you have a strange looking lump on your skin that you get it checked out immediately. Obviously most lumps usually turn out to just be calluses, or pimples, but if you have a lump that persists for a while it could be something more serious such as a tumor.

Do we have any theories of what causes cancer cell growth?

Yes, there are many different theories as to what initially causes cancer growth. Most of these theories have been ‘debunked’ or thrown out due to lack of scientific evidence, however a new theory about this has recently gained some traction in the world of science. Many scientists are playing around with the theory that cancer may be caused from a lack of good bacteria in the gut. In our gut flora (network of bacteria inside the gut) we have millions of bacteria, some of which are good for us and some that are harmful. Some scientists are beginning believe that having a lack of good bacteria in your gut flora may cause cells to stop dividing properly and hence cancer forms. The theory is still in it’s very early stages, however there’s many different pharmaceutical research companies in the process of developing different forms of medical treatments to further explore this theory.

The odds that a full cure for cancer happens withing our lifetime seem to be pretty slim, but with the advancements in science happening at such a rapid rate it’s not that hard to see this happening in maybe 40-50 years from now.